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This has been sitting in my bookmarks forever and now I get to share it with you guys! I’m sorry if it’s old news but I still find it awesome.

I thought it was especially appropriate since the new TRON: Legacy movie is coming out in December. It looks pretty sweet but I get nostalgic for the old 1982 graphics that made the original TRON so fascinating to me as a kid.

Some consider Bit to be the first CGI character in a movie, although he only communicates ‘yes’ [in the orange octahedron shape] or ‘no’ [in the red stellation of a icosahedron].

Tektonten at Tektonten Papercraft creates some pretty awesome papercraft – from anime to movie props to Star Trek to even airplanes and motorcycle models, but this is certainly my favorite. ♥

You can find his downloadable templates and instructions for all three Bit configurations at: